Reiki Journal Series | When your soul aches…

“(What you do) when your soul aches.”

That’s exactly what I took away from having my first Reiki session with Mellissa Last.  But before we go there, I have to say that there was a point in my life (like, just recently) where I could actually feel my soul aching.  Like it was slipping away as the days passed.  No workout; no matter how intense it got, could get me feeling the way I used to.  I could feel myself becoming someone I didn’t like.  And so, I knew I needed something, but perhaps something new…

Alright, so let’s fast forward a few weeks later where I decided to approach Mellissa, Reiki Master and Owner of MCL Consulting, for an actual Reiki session.  We chat about everything – she’s one of the most open-minded people I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with.  That, and her sense of humour kills me sometimes.  And we chat a lot about Reiki.

Mellissa knew what I was going through at the time, and totally validated that I should give it try.  Somewhere in our conversation of life, Mellissa and I locked down a date for Sunday.  The Friday prior to our sesh, she took a few moments out of her day to make sure I was properly prepared: What to wear (yoga pants…yaaaas!), what to bring, preparing the mindset…She also gave a lot of guidance on how to continue on with the rest of the day post-session. 

So here we are, arriving to Mellissa’s place on a beautiful Sunday morning.  The weather was just gorge – not a cloud in the sky.  I was having a bit of doubt the night before; wondering if this was really going to work (and also worrying, thinking about other alternatives to try if it didn’t), so it kinda felt like this was the universe’s way of saying otherwise and started to feel the good vibes on the drive up.

The universe was totally right.   We spent a few moments going through the admin stuff, but more time talking about how this could actually help with emotional healing.

I followed behind Mellissa and was welcomed to this beautiful, open, serene space with this beautiful overgrown apple tree overlooking the view outside the windows.  I laid comfortably on her massage chair while relaxing to meditation music as she placed healing stones nearby, which she had selected personally for this session.

When the session started, it took a short while for me to get into a meditative state.  But I felt completely at ease and comfortable throughout the entire session.  I followed the advice she had given me before we got started, and at some point without realizing, I fell into this very deep state of mind.  I posed my question to the universe and let myself go. I really started to relax.  As I deeply inhaled, I allowed myself to believe as though I was breathing in the positive.  Each exhale was a bad thought being freed from my mind.  It was a 1 hour session, but it felt as though I was letting go of my bad thoughts all damn day – there were that many of them!  But it felt soooo good…also found myself forgiving myself and others.  Eventually I was beginning to feel as though I no longer had to breathe in the positive – it was like a detox for the soul.

My mind felt completely free.  I. Felt. Completely. Free.

And then these images started to appear.  They started off as images, but then as the picture continued to become more and more clear, I could hear sounds.  Then I saw that I was a part of this picture.  I could feel, I was experiencing real, raw emotions of what I was manifesting.  I think the universe was answering my question.  When I had this realization, the picture became fuzzy, the sounds started to fade…I tried to hang on as much as I could but I had no control…I wanted to stay there so bad…I wanted to feel that way again.

I found myself waking up to Mellissa’s voice as she gently brought me back to reality.

She warns you to take your time getting up, and take as much time as needed.  She closed the door and I took a few moments to pick myself up.

I felt so pure.  My heart felt so pure.  I propped myself up on her massage table and gazed at the gorgeous apple tree outside on a bright and sunny day.  I felt so relaxed…full of bliss.  The best high you’ll ever experience. And I don’t need to try crack-cocaine to tell you that either.  I have a free soul.  Because in that short amount of time, I learned that truly being free is all about being able to let go without any fear.

Mellissa was downstairs wrapping up the session.  I took a seat beside her at the table and we spoke about this experience (in a whole lot greater detail, which really allowed me to feel even more blissful).  The coolest thing that she does in her Reiki practice is that she measures the activity of your chakras – before and post-session, then shares the comparison. Pretty dope if you ask me…I’ve never done this before.  Oh, and don’t worry – If you’re not that in-the-know of what chakras are or how they work, or what they represent, Mellissa can totally break it down for you.

The feeling after a Reiki session

I drove home feeling pure.  I was okay in my current situation.  That was no longer as important as it was to free my soul from it.  Physically, I was drained, but not in a bad way.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing in bed, waking up and journaling until I fell back asleep.

Honestly, if you’ve ever scoffed at the idea of Reiki but have never given it a shot, I totally recommend you to try it.  If you’re going through a rough patch, or if you just feel like you need to detox your soul…check it out.

My first Reiki session was bommmb.  I felt really enlightened…like no matter what was going on in my life, I strongly believed that everything was gonna be alright.

So take my word for it.  If you’re in Toronto area or don’t mind driving out, I totally recommend you to hit up Mellissa Last.  After my first session with Mellissa, I am definitely looking forward to having more and more sessions with her.  She is someone who is passionate about what she does and invests just as much of herself as she does throughout her actual practice.  She also makes these beautiful quartz / aventurine candles that I honestly think are too gorgeous to light, but have been supercharged for healing and deep meditation.

Candle description:
Mellissa’s favourite translation of the Reiki principles is included on the label so it can be used as a mantra or reminder. Because it is just for today.


Each candle is thoughtfully and intentionally made:

  • 3 sheets of Canadian beeswax wax: Green | Yellow | White
  • 3 crystal chips: 2 clear quartz and 1 green aventurine
  • 3 essential oils: Rosemary, peppermint and frankincense

After each candle is made, they’re charged under the Full Moon. This batch was charged under the Pink Moon (April) which was in Scorpio. Then the candles are individually infused with Usui Reiki.

The candles have:

  • 100% cotton wick
  • Ion emitting
  • Burn time of approximately 30-40 hours
  • Natural honey scent (the essentials oils are not used for scent)

These can be purchased via
Paypal and are available through her Reiki classes.

And so, I strongly encourage that if you’re looking for a means of emotionally healing yourself, that you give Reiki a try. This is something I will continue to do every so often, so I’ll definitely be back to share more about my experience with Reiki.


About Mellissa
Mellissa Last is Usui Reiki Master / Teacher, licensed Desire Map Facilitator, and Certified Training and Development Professional (Institute for Performance and Learning). Her company, MCL Consulting, offers personal development workshops and professional training services; including Reiki classes/treatments, Desire Map workshops, as well as instructional design, performance consulting and training/facilitation.  Learn more at

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  1. Hello, Nice work! This is very much helpful for my reearsch and i hope to run through more of your posts someday! How i wish i can see you in person so i can get to know you more.

    1. Hi Robinson, my apologies for the late reply! I’ve been practicing Reiki not only in my spiritual work, but on a more regular basis to help manage my stress levels. I totally encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t before. It started with a single session and completed my Level 1 three months later. So glad to know this was useful to you 🙂

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